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Labrador puppy breeders

Keystone LRC Litter Listings

Keystone Labrador Retriever Club is not responsible for the breeders or litters listed on this page.
Before you purchase a puppy, we encourage you to research the breeder and the type of labrador you are looking to find. The litter listings on this page are from KLRC member breeders, in good standing and have agreed to our Member Guidelines. However, a listing on this site it not an endorsement of the specific individuals or kennels by the Keystone Labrador Retriever Club.

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Lab pups

Keystone Labrador Retriever Club
Member Breeders

The breeders listed here are in good standing with the Keystone Labrador Retriever Club and have accepted our Member Guidelines. KLRC is not, however, responsible for any individual breeders’ dogs. Any problems, or issues, that arise from a puppy you purchase from one of our members are not the responsibility of the KLRC.

(Breeders listed in alphabetical order by kennel name)

Black Oaks Labradors – Rocco & Shirley Spinelli

Breyer Labradors – Edie Castor

Buckridge Labradors – Darlene Pors

Canterbury Tails Labradors – Sara Thornton DVM
Labradors with a focus on health, trainability, and temperament as well as beauty.

   Chrismill Labradors – Mary Ann Fletcher

    Loveladies Labradors – Georgann Syphard

Mariwyl Labradors – Mary Ann Hart

Pembroke Labradors – Bob & Terri Shober

Ridgeway Labradors – Wendi Huttner

Redfern Canines- Betsy Howell

Springton Labradors – Anne French
Quality, versatile Labradors with emphasis on temperament and health

Whispering Pines Labradors – John and Barbara Sebalusky

Wyndale Labradors – Gail & Fred Scatton

English Labradors