Keystone Labrador Retriever Club

Membership Guidelines

The purpose of the membership guidelines is to ensure that every member acts in the best interest of the future of the Labrador Retriever breed. It is a guideline to protect our breed and club.

1. All members of the KLRC have an obligation to protect the interests of the Labrador Retriever and the KLRC. Members will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon the breed and KLRC.

2. Members shall show good sportsmanship at all times. Members shall at all times be honest and conduct themselves with integrity.

3. Members at all times shall maintain a high standard of health care and living conditions for their Labrador Retrievers. Members shall comply with all relevant AKC rules and regulations. Breeders shall conduct appropriate health clearances on any and all dogs that are used for breeding and only breed AKC registered animals to the same breed. Breeders shall take future responsibility for the puppies they breed to ensure a good quality of life.

4. Only humane methods will be used when showing or training dogs and under no circumstances will mistreatment or brutality be tolerated.

5. KLRC members shall not knowingly engage in misleading or false advertising, nor knowingly give false statements regarding other owners’ or breeders’ dogs, breeding practices or person.

6. KLRC members shall not knowingly engage in wholesaling litters or individual sales or consignments of puppies or adults to pet shops, catalog houses, auctions or other commercial establishments, commercial internet sales, or knowingly sell to others that may engage in these activities, nor shall they give stud dog service to the same. KLRC member shall not knowingly donate puppy or adult Labrador Retrievers as prizes in contests, raffles, or any fund raising event.

7. Violations of the membership guidelines shall be considered prejudicial to the beat interests of the Club and/or the breed. Complaints shall be filed and handled pursuant to the disciplinary proceedings set forth in Article VI of the KLRC Constitution and By-laws.

Approved 9/2011

Please submit all Keystone LRC Membership Applications to our membership chair:
Terri Shober
387 Angora Road, Reading, PA 19606
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